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Financial Aid Option

Don’t let your finances be a barrier to your academics.

Financial Aid Option

At Creeks Edge University, we know one of the challenges of attending higher education is affordability. Whether it’s attending a state-run community college or leading university such as Creeks Edge University, higher education is an investment—for you and your future. You need good information to make an informed decision about your path and purpose. We are committed to providing you the information you need from the beginning of inquiry process, thus making joining the community at Creeks Edge University an achievable prospect.

What Kinds of Assistance Are Available?

There are six basic types of aid available at Creeks Edge University:

Gift Aid includes merit scholarships and financial-need grants such as the Presidential Scholarship, Exceptional Contribution in their field. There are also Creeks Edge University specific scholarships such as Scholarship for International Students, Scholarships for Women, and Scholarship for under-developed countries.

View All Scholarships available at Creeks Edge University here.

Flexible-Study program already allows students to earn money to cover a portion of their higher education expenses. Creeks Edge University give extra leniency to those students and offers them with some exemption based on their past-experience and educational background through a quick assessment. This further cut down the cost.

Work-Study Jobs: these jobs are reserved for students who, after submitting the Application for part-time online jobs at Creeks Edge University, are determined to have financial aid eligibility. Students are notified in their Award Letter that they have eligibility and are allowed to apply for these part-jobs.

*The application process is competitive because of the number of students who are eligible.

Other plans, such as veteran’s benefits and occupational vocational rehabilitation, are available to qualified students. Contact admission counselor at Creeks Edge University’s website or leave an email at grant@creeksedgeuniversity.com

Partner Employers such as community organizations and corporations also sponsor scholarship at Creeks Edge University. Contact Career Placement Center and find out options for yourself.



CEU students are satisfied with their course quality, compared to 88% in other universities and 84% of them continue with CEU for higher level degree.



Creeks Edge University ranked second for overall academic programs and quality according to U.S News & World Report 2016



Creeks Edge University's Undergraduate Business Schools ranked fifth best business & management programs according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek 2014


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